Sunday, April 8, 2012

pure beauty: susanna p [bryan/college station, tx, portrait photographer.]

Hi hi hi friends!

I have really missed blogging this semester! I have been really busy with school and ARTISTS stuff and work, and I have barely had any time to even take pictures! However, I had the opportunity to get a few shots of a beautiful, precious friend of mine a few weeks ago at my favorite time of day - sunset.

This is how eager I am to share these pictures with you - I have not edited them AT ALL (this is probably pretty obvious). I didn't want to take time to edit even just a few of them - this shoot is already a couple weeks old, and they are just so gorgeous, I couldn't waste any more time with editing before I posted them!

I'm a little nervous posting these SOOC, because they literally haven't gone through any processing, and this is not something photographers typically (EVER) do, so I'm feeling a little vulnerable, but my photography and this series especially is not at all about me or what I'm capable of, but it's about the Lord shining His light through these ladies and reminding them of the beauty that Jesus sees when He looks at them. That's exactly what these few shots display - the beauty of the Lord captured in Susanna and the light of the beautiful evening we had the opportunity to enjoy together, and even though, to a photographer's eye, it's pretty raw and looks unfinished and unprofessional (and really, if I was worried about seeming unprofessional, I would blog more than once every three months... oops.), but really, that's all that matters.

So, dear friends, enjoy these few shots of my sweet sweet friend Susanna, and watch for more (edited) shots from this session soon (eventually)! :)

That's all for now! More soon, I hope!

love, love, love.